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Advertising Research
Advertising Research Ad Copies Report

Advertising Research Ad Copies Report

One of the most unique reports on Semrush is the Ad Copies report. Running this report on a competitor is a great way to analyze how they make their appeal to their audience. You can see all of their headlines and calls to action they use in their ads, along with the keywords they’re targeting, and the landing pages they’re directing paid traffic to.

Advertising Research Ads Copies

By default, the report will be listed by descending number of keywords, so the ads that are picking up the highest number of keywords will be listed at the top. If you click on the blue links of any ads, you’ll be taken to the actual landing page of the ad. If you click on the blue tab that has the number of keywords listed, you’ll open up a table with all the keywords that trigger the ad to show up in search results.

Advertising Research keywords table

In this table, you can see the ad as it appeared on the results page. You’ll also be able to see the volume, position, CPC, and competition level of each keyword.


If you want to export the full report with a copy of every ad, you can do that with the standard export and PDF buttons at the top right of the report.

Mobile Report

The mobile version of this report is available for the selected databases and will show you the mobile ads a domain is using with Google Ads. The report is essentially the same as the desktop version except that the ads shown in this report are targeting mobile users. So, if you want to analyze your competitors’ strategy targeting mobile searchers with paid ads, this report will serve to be a great resource. Just use the mobile/desktop device switcher at the top.

Advertising Research desktop mobile

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