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Social Media Tool: Google+ Report’s New Detailed Metrics

By now you’ve probably noticed that our Social Media tool is evolving progressively — we’ve made its reports more detailed. And we couldn’t help updating the Google+ section! So, let’s get straight into the details. Read more...

Social Media Tool Google+ Report's New Detailed Metrics banner

SEO Ideas: Full Google Search Console Integration

You probably already know that the SEO Ideas tool allows you to import keyword and page pairs from the Search Analytics report in your Google Search Console (GSC) account. We really hope that you enjoy this feature and find it handy. So, what’s new? Read more...

SEO Ideas Full Google Search Console Integration banner

Auditoria do site: Mantenha seu site seguro com o novo relatório de HTTPS!

Orgulhosamente anunciamos o lançamento do nosso HTTPS implementation report (Relatório Implementação do HTTPS), que está em versão beta aberta. Esse novo relatório na Auditoria do site permite verificar se o HTTPS foi implementado corretamente em seu site e te indica exatamente aquilo que não estiver certo. Leia mais...

Site Audit HTTPS report banner

Position Tracking Tool: PDF Reporting Improvements

Submitting a report is a responsible thing to do. Sometimes details do matter. That’s why we've recently made some significant improvements to the Position Tracking tool’s PDF widgets. Read more...

SEMrush: Position Tracking Tool: PDF Reporting Improvements imagem 1

Análise de tráfego: Saiu da beta!

Há cinco meses, apresentamos a ferramenta Análise de tráfego e, com seus valiosos comentários, ela cresceu rapidamente. Agora, é com muito orgulho que anunciamos que a ferramenta saiu da fase beta e está totalmente estável! Leia mais...SEMrush: Análise de tráfego: Saiu da beta! imagem 1

Social Media Tool: Instagram Report 2.0

We’ve been working hard to improve the Instagram section of the Social Media tool, so here it is — the Instagram Report version 2.0. Let’s get straight to the overview! Read more...

Social Media Tool Instagram Report 2.0 banner

SEMrush Sensor: Open Beta

We are happy to introduce our new service — SEMrush Sensor. What’s it for? Essentially it tracks the volatility of Google search results on a daily basis and makes you aware of it. Read more...

SEMrush Sensor Open Beta Overview

Google Analytics Data in My Reports

We at SEMrush believe that statistics should be gathered from different sources so your data is as objective as possible. With this in mind, we keep integrating data from rock-solid sources that you and your clients are very familiar with into our tools. Read more...

My Reports Google Analytics Widget banner

Backlinks: Quick and Easy Disavow

A new, extremely convenient feature has recently been embedded in our Backlink Analytics. Now you have two brand new ways of working with questionable backlinks, so you can stay out of trouble. Read more...

SEMrush: Backlinks: Quick and Easy Disavow imagem 1

Display Advertising: Full-scale Ad Report

Display Advertising, one of the most useful instruments for PPC specialists in the SEMrush toolkit, now has expanded functionality. It is time to dig deeper into your competitor’s advertising campaign with the brand new Ad Report! Read more...

SEMrush: Display Advertising: Full-scale Ad Report imagem 1

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