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Free Paraphrasing Tool

Reword and Rephrase Your Text with AI

Our free AI paraphraser lets you rephrase your copy without limits, making it more engaging and powerful.


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What is a
Paraphrasing Tool?

The Semrush AI paraphrasing tool, also known as a rephraser or rewording tool, is designed to rewrite text while maintaining the original meaning.

This tool is ideal for rephrasing sentences and rewording paragraphs, offering a fresh perspective without changing the intended message.

It leverages powerful AI to make your writing more impactful and help you paraphrase text without limits.

What is paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing involves rewording or rephrasing existing text while retaining the original meaning.

It’s essential for crafting unique, engaging content and maintaining effective communication.

What Can the AI Paraphrasing Tool Do for You?

Our word changer tool is perfect for paraphrasing online, ensuring that your content remains engaging and plagiarism-free.

Enhance clarity and engage your audience

  • Rephrase for readability

    Utilize the rephraser to transform complex sentences into clear, concise content

  • Boost engagement with rewording

    Employ our rewording tool to make your text more accessible and appealing

  • Target different demographics

    Adapt your language to connect effectively with diverse audiences

Unleash creativity with advanced AI rephrasing

  • Original content creation

    Use our paraphrasing tool free of charge to generate unique and creative text

  • Break through writer's block

    Our paraphraser provides innovative ways to express your thoughts

  • Explore various writing styles

    Experiment with our tool to reword sentences, offering versatility in tone and style

Enjoy advanced paraphrasing for free

Semrush’s AI rephraser uses advanced language models to automate your writing tasks—from improving writing to avoiding plagiarism and boosting readability.

  • Enjoy improved paraphrasing

    The updated model in our AI Paraphrasing Tool rewrites text with greater soundness, accuracy, and factual consistency.

  • Choose how to rephrase your text

    Select one of the five paraphrasing modes for better results—simplify, rewrite, and improve your copy.

Get data-driven recommendations for writing
better copy

Our online rephraser will generate a score for the most fundamental writing criteria so that you can achieve better results. The tool provides data on:

  • Readability

  • Tone of voice

  • Copy length

Why Use the Free Paraphrasing Tool?

Using our free rewording tool, you can enhance the quality of your writing without any cost, and extra effort.

  • Spend less time rewriting and reiterating your messages

  • Create engaging text that delivers exactly what you want it to say

  • Access unlimited versions of your paraphrased copy

Get 5 powerful paraphrasing modes to choose from

Looking to rephrase your text, improve its clarity, or fix potential errors? Select the rephrasing mode that suits you best and use it for free.

  • Paraphrase

    Revise your text to convey the same message in a different way. This feature is useful for avoiding repetition, improving clarity, and creating fresh content.

  • Improve

    Optimize your text, make sure it`s grammatically correct, and improve the overall flow. The tool rephrases poorly written sentences and makes essential fixes.

  • Formal writing

    Paraphrase your text to make it more formal. Ideal for writing business reports, academic papers, formal letters, and official communications.

  • Simplify

    Break down complex sentences and jargon into clear, straightforward language. Optimize your copy’s readability and make sure it’s clear, consistent, and easy to read.

  • Casual writing

    Paraphrase your text to make it more relaxed and conversational. Perfect for blog posts, social media updates, casual emails, and friendly communications.

Uses of the Free Rewording Tool

Our AI rephraser is ideal for rewording a paragraph, crafting marketing copy, business
writing, and any situation where you need to restate sentences with clarity and precision.

  • Ensure optimal tone and clarity

    Use the rephraser to ensure clear and professional communication

  • Simplify technical terminology

    Convey complex technical information in an engaging way for a broader audience

  • Repurpose text for different formats

    The tool can help adapt your copy to different channels such as social media

  • Spark creativity

    Use the rewording tool to experiment with different expressions and styles

  • Streamline complex concepts

    The word changer tool helps you simplify complex academic writing

  • Maintain originality

    Make sure your copy is unique, engaging and plagiarism-free

Who Can Use the Free Paraphraser?

The online paraphraser is perfect for business owners, professionals, and content creators looking for effective paraphrasing solutions.

  • Business professionals and business owners

    The tool ensures clear, concise, and effective communication in reports, emails, and business plans.

  • Technical and professional writers

    Use the AI paraphrasing tool to translate complex technical jargon into simpler terms

  • Content marketers, copywriters and bloggers

    Content specialists can leverage the AI rewording tool to improve their content and optimize it for various formats

  • Social media influencers and managers

    Try the AI paraphraser to create social posts using effective rephrasing and word changes

  • Marketers and brand strategists

    Marketers can leverage this tool to refine and adapt brand messages, ensuring consistency and impact

  • Students and academic researchers

    Our tool aids students and researchers in rewording complex theories and concepts

Top Features of the Paraphrasing Tool

Experience seamless paraphrasing with AI precision, multiple rewording choices, enhanced readability, tailored tone adjustments, and guaranteed originality.

  • AI-powered rewriting

    The paraphrasing tool tool leverages cutting-edge AI to rephrase and refine your text, ensuring natural and coherent results

  • Tone of voice adjustment

    Assess and adjust the tone of the rewritten content to match your desired style, be it professional, casual, or anything in between

  • Multiple rewording options

    Generate as many paraphrased versions as you want, enjoying flexibility and finding creative alternatives

  • Plagiarism-free content

    The AI rephrasing tool ensures that the paraphrased text is unique and original, helping to avoid plagiarism concerns

  • Readability improvement

    Boost the readability of your content, making it more accessible to a broader audience

  • Content length flexibility

    The AI word changer is effective for both short sentences and longer paragraphs, providing versatility in content creation

How Does the Paraphrasing Tool Work?

Semrush’s AI paraphrasing tool leverages a powerful machine-learning algorithm to help you craft engaging copy that captivates your audience. It’s completely free to use.

  • Just enter your copy and instantly generate original, paraphrased text you can use for any platform online, anywhere.

  • Tear down writer’s block, and create copy that differentiates you while ensuring originality and consistency

  • Use it to describe your ideas in greater detail, or even to reiterate multiple versions of text for other formats or platforms


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