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AI Summarizing Tool: Free Text Summary Generator

Simplify your content writing with our AI summarizer.
Transform your sentences, paragraphs, and articles into digestible copy and summarize any text in one click.

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What is the Semrush AI summarizing tool?

  • Our AI-based summary generator tool provides a quick and concise summary of your text in just a few seconds. It works effectively with any form of lengthy text, such as articles and paragraphs.
  • Our algorithm analyzes your copy and identifies the most important points, summarizing text of any length and complexity on the go.
  • You can use the Semrush summarizing tool for free, without any limits.

What is text summarization?

When you summarize text, you condense lengthy copy (e.g., an article or a paragraph) into a more concise version, highlighting its key points and ideas.

It makes digesting information quicker and easier. Using AI summary generators to summarize your text helps you boost efficiency and saves you a lot of time.

How to use the AI summarizing tool

Semrush’s free summary generator saves you time and makes your
writing more impactful.

Revamp lengthy content into captivating and accessible text

Easily transform your paragraphs and articles into digestible summaries and bullet points.

Summarize any text and identify the main points and ideas

Use the AI summarizer to extract crucial concepts while removing unnecessary text.

Create more quality copy with ease and in less time

Save hours of work—the tool will quickly summarize any content piece or article for you.

Two key ways to use our summarizing tool

Summarize your text into paragraphs

Turn any piece of copy into engaging sentences and paragraphs.

Summarize your text into bullet points

Turn your content into bullet points, highlighting the main ideas and key points.

Why use the article summarizer?

Summarize your text and improve clarity

Make sure your sentences are written correctly and are optimized for your readers.

Create plagiarism-free content

Use the AI summary generator to create original content and avoid plagiarism.

Leverage the power of AI and Semrush data

Save time and resources with AI technology paired with Semrush expertise.

The top benefits of using the free summary generator

🚀 AI-powered

Our summarizer is built using robust AI to help you get the best results.

🤩 Easy to use

The AI summarizer is simple yet powerful–it does the job in just one click.

🔥 100% free

Use our summarizing tool when you need it, as much as you need it.

How does the text summarizer work?

The Semrush Summary Generator is totally free, with no limits.

  • Enter your text and decide on its length

    Simply copy and paste your text into the input box, and decide whether you want a longer, medium-sized, or short summary.

  • Choose your preferred mode

    You can get your summary as a paragraph or a bullet point list.

  • Get an instant summary

    Click “Summarize” and voilà! You will get your summary in a couple of seconds.

  • Summarize your next piece of content

    Looking to summarize more text? Use the tool as many times as you want.

Top uses of the AI summarizing tool

Here’s how the Semrush AI text summarizer can help you out.

  • Grasp key points in seconds

    Summarize lengthy articles, emails, or research papers to quickly understand the main ideas.

  • Boost research efficiency

    Summarize complex documents to capture key takeaways and save time for deeper analysis.

  • Identify presentation talking points

    Summarize your content to highlight the main points you want to convey in your presentation.

  • Craft compelling introductions

    Summarize your content to generate concise and informative summaries or article introductions.

  • Generate bullet point outlines

    Use bullet point summaries to create structured outlines for blog posts, articles, or reports.

  • Extract social media snippets

    Summarize your text to generate engaging snippets perfect for social media posts.

  • Summarize text on the go

    Use the AI summarizer when you need it, as much as you need it.

Who Can Use the AI Summarizing Tool

Wondering if you should try the AI summary generator?
Let’s find out.

  • Content creators & writers

    Summarize long-form content to craft compelling introductions, identify talking points, and generate bullet point outlines.

  • Social media managers & marketers

    Summarize text to extract key ideas for engaging social media posts and content promotion.

  • Students & researchers

    Summarize complex academic papers, articles, or textbooks to grasp key concepts faster.

  • Busy professionals

    Quickly summarize emails, reports, or news articles to stay informed and save time.


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