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Instantly create engaging content with our free AI Text Generator. Craft articles, blog outlines, social media posts, emails, ads, and everything in between.

Choose the content type

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What is an AI Text Generator?

The Semrush AI Text Generator, also known as an AI typer, is a tool powered by artificial intelligence.

It uses data and language patterns to generate text from the input it gets.

Think of it as a digital writer who understands your needs and can create content that resonates with your audience.

Content You Can Create with the AI Word Generator

You can use our free AI tool to produce a wide range of content at no cost.

For example:

Blog posts

Blog outlines



Social media posts

Article introductions



Looking for more?

Use our phrase generator to create text on any topic. With the text-to-AI feature, you can also make any content request and get your copy written in an instant.

Generate Compelling Content
for Any Channel in One Click

The Semrush AI Text Generator is completely free to use
and can help you write, optimize, and expand any content in an instant.

Create Plagiarism-Free Content
in One Click

Need an engaging blog or a catchy ad? Our AI writer will instantly create engaging copy you can use for marketing, sales, and any other purposes.

Target Any Keyword
or Topic of Your Choice

Simply enter a topic or keyword, and AI will generate original content for you. Use as many topics and keywords as you’d like.

Generate Content for Various Platforms and Formats

Looking to write copy for your website, social media, newsletters, and more? Our AI typer tool is up for any content creation challenge.

Add Changes and Generate
More Copy

Edit your content directly in the tool and ask AI to improve, paraphrase, and expand the copy for you. Use the AI text completion feature to auto-generate more relevant content on any topic.

Why Choose the AI Text Generator

Quality Content

Create engaging, original content across multiple formats

100% Free

Use the tool as much as you want without payments or sign-ups

AI Chatbot

Use the convenient AI chat to create and edit your content at the speed of light

How to Use the Free AI Text Generator

Follow these simple steps to create and edit your content.

Head to the Semrush AI Text Generator tool. It’s free to use without registration

Choose the content category: e.g., you can generate blog titles, paragraphs, articles, social media posts, ads, emails, and more.

Enter the topic or keyword you’d like to write about.

Get your copy generated in an instant.

Add any changes using the built-in text editor.

Use the chatbot to create more content, add changes, and integrate AI-generated sentences and paragraphs.

For example, you can ask it to add more text, design a new outline, rewrite the piece, suggest subtopics, and more.

Head to ContentShake AI and use it for free to:

  • Get additional SEO data on the content structure and keywords
  • Further optimize your copy
  • Publish your content


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