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The Ultimate AI Prompt Library for Content Marketers

Writing content from scratch: 663 item(s)

Content ideas

Generate Blog Topic Ideas

Based on the provided focus area, generate a list of 5 potential blog topics that would be interesting and relevant to the target audience. Focus Area: {focus_area} Target Audience: {target_audience}

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Content ideas

Run a Content Gap Analysis

Identify potential content gaps based on the provided list of existing content titles. Suggest 3 topics that would fill these gaps. Existing Content Titles: {existing_content_titles} Focus Area: {focus_area} Target Audience: {target_audience}

Content ideas

Suggest Questions for Audience Engagement

Based on the main topic, suggest 5 questions that could be used to engage the audience on social media platforms. Main Topic: {main_topic} Target Audience: {target_audience}

Content ideas

Develop a Content Series Outline

Create an outline for a content series including main themes and individual post titles based on the overarching subject. Overarching Subject: {overarching_subject} Target Audience: {target_audience}

Content ideas

Analyze Competitor Content Topics

Given a list of competitor content titles, analyze and suggest 3 unique content topics that would differentiate our brand. Competitor Content Titles: {competitor_content_titles} Target Audience: {target_audience}

Content ideas

Brainstorm Lead Magnet Ideas

Suggest 3 lead magnet ideas (e.g., ebooks, whitepapers, webinars) that would be compelling to our target audience based on the industry. Industry: {industry} Target Audience: {target_audience}

Content ideas

Identify Trending Topics in a Niche

Based on the provided niche keywords, identify and list 3 trending topics that could be of interest to the audience. Niche Keywords: {niche_keywords} Target Audience: {target_audience}

Content ideas

Craft a Content Hook for a Specific Topic

Create a strong content hook for an article that would grab the attention of readers. Specific Topic: {specific_topic} Target Audience: {target_audience}

Content ideas

Propose Evergreen Content Ideas

Suggest 3 evergreen content ideas that would remain relevant and useful to the audience over time. Subject: {subject} Target Audience: {target_audience}

Content ideas

Evaluate Topic Relevance

Given a topic, evaluate its relevance to the current market trends and audience interests, and provide a brief explanation. Topic: {topic} Current Market Trends: {current_market_trends} Audience Interests: {audience_interests}

What Is the Semrush AI Prompt Library?

The Semrush AI Prompt Library is a dynamic tool designed for small business owners, startup founders, and digital marketers.

It offers a vast collection of over 600 tailored AI prompts to streamline content creation, enhance SEO strategies, and optimize digital content across various platforms.

How Can the Semrush AI Prompt Library Help You

Explore our library to find effective, tried-and-tested AI prompt ideas to generate powerful content and improve your content marketing strategy.

Content creation and expansion

Write content from scratch, improve it, and generate outlines-enhancing the depth and relevance of your content.

Content ideation and building a strategy

Develop effective content strategies, build content plans, and find resonating content marketing ideas

SEO and keyword optimization

Integrate keywords into your copy, design topic clusters, and boost your online visibility.

Content optimization and enhancement

Rewrite and paraphrase your copy and improve its readability and tone of voice to boost audience engagement.

Understanding your audience

Analyze your audience, research their content needs, and optimize your copy to make it resonate more.

Plagiarism prevention and localization

Generate original content and adapt it for various languages and regions.

How to Use the Semrush AI Prompt Library

Select a category or use the prompt bar to get AI prompt ideas.

Pick a prompt that matches your specific task.

Head to the AI tool of your choice (we recommend trying the ContentShake AI Chat).

Use the AI prompts to create and enhance your content.

How Do You Create an AIprompt?

Creating an AI prompt involves identifying your specific content or SEO need and formulating a concise question.

Gather all relevant data and information that could inform and direct the AI's response. Then, write a clear prompt that reflects your request. Finally, test and iterate on your prompt, refining it based on the results you receive.

How do you structure an AI prompt?

A well-structured AI prompt is clear, focused, and specific.

It should clearly outline the task, include any necessary context or parameters, and be phrased in a way that directs the AI toward the desired outcome.

How do you write a good AI prompt?

Start by clearly defining your objective, then craft a prompt that precisely communicates what you need from the AI.

Make sure your prompts are detailed yet simple—avoid using confusing vocabulary and sharing unnecessary details. Use different techniques such as providing AI with writing samples.


GoodContent by Semrush is your ultimate resource for small business content marketing. Discover valuable guides, templates, research, and free AI-driven tools to support you at every step of your journey.

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