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Jennifer Cario

president AT Sugarspun MarketingJennifer Cario spent more than twenty years working in online marketing with a focus on helping small business owners navigate social media channels. She spent eight years as the Social Media Faculty chair for MarketMotive, and nearly a decade as a highly requested speaker and trainer through SugarSpun Marketing. Jennifer has worked with companies of all sizes, from mom and pop shops to global powerhouses like Ford Motor Company, Azkonobel, eHarmony, Disney and Sears. She is the author of three books, including "Pinterest Marketing: An Hour a Day." These days, Cario spends most of her time working for Bentworth Blessings, a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to meeting the essential needs of at-risk students in the Bentworth School District in Washington County, PA. She lives on a 22-acre farm in western PA with her husband, four kids, two dogs and a flock of chickens.
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