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When I first started in digital marketing, there was no Google but a huge community site called America Online (AOL), this up-and-coming directory called Yahoo, and search engines named Lycos, Infoseek, Excite, WebCrawler, Alta Vista to name a few. A new site called GoTo was launching and it was touted as a new way to advertise on the Internet by means of paying a fee for every visitor that clicked on your ad. Yep, what we now call Pay-Per-Click (PPC). Amazing how things have changed since then. So why the history lesson? Well, it shows how quickly the Internet changes, but most importantly how digital marketing changes. Since 1995, there is one thing that has never changed and that is the sense of accomplishment and pride you feel when your client’s site achieves high rankings from SEO or increases sales, leads, traffic, and overall conversions from the digital marketing campaigns we partner with you on. We invite you to review our site and the services we offer, the case studies we have listed, and get a true sense of who we are at Two Labs Digitial Marketing. If you have any questions, we will be here to answer them so you can make the very best decision for your business. FRANK PIPOLO Co-Owner & Dog Dad

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Histórias de sucesso


Our goal was to position A major university in South Florida's School of Health as a leader in Healthcare Informatics while developing content that would create inbound links and drive lead generation.


We started by polling industry experts to gather information and created an in-depth infographic to show the results. We revisited it yearly and updated it to keep the content fresh and relevant.


It generated over 1,000 inbound links to increase its organic ranking and drove around 500 new students to the program. It was so successful that HIMMS, the leading organization for Healthcare Informatics, asked to co-partner with us for future infographics.


Starting in January 2018, a major Tampa law firm wanted to increase its potential spinal cord and traumatic brain injury cases by increasing traffic on the website organically & optimizing Its PPC.


We researched to identify the best design & strategies for the client. Through keyword research & other digital marketing strategies, we got traffic to the client’s website, increasing revenue and generating cases. We also consulted in developing and optimizing a community-based website.


Increased Authority Score from 0 to 51 Increased organic traffic from 0 to 270K (April 2019) 3,700 Keywords within the top 3 4,600 Keywords within the number 4 through 10 rankings Saved the firm over 100K/month media spend due to organic positioning


To increase SEO visability, establish & optimize Google Ads presents, optimize Amazon sponsored listings, and establish an Amazon storefront to increase overall sales for a nutritional supplements company in the highly competitive mental health and wellness industry.


Developed & implemented best practice SEO strategy, ongoing on and off-page optimization (white hat link building), approval for being a healthcare Google Ads advertiser, developed, implemented, and optimized Google Ads monthly campaign strategy, and ongoing Amazon SEO and sponsored ads management.


Have increased SEO visibility from 0% to over 8% (8000%) increase. Have over 900 keywords ranking in the top 20 search results. The current Cost Per Acquisition on Google Ads is $15 (average order is $107 and LTV-$850 per customer). Amazon YTD sales of over $300k with an average sale of $87).

Nossos clientes
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A agência 2 Labs Digital Marketing, de United States, conquistou o prêmio PPC Awards

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