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We Do Web

Transformative digital marketing for law firms

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We Do Web is a full-service SEO agency that specializes in serving law firms of all sizes.

Our team manages every aspect of your digital marketing strategy. We've been driving qualified leads to our partners since 2008, and we can do the same for you.

We Do Legal Marketing

We understand your business. We excel at designing and executing strategies specifically tailored to your practice areas, goals, budget, and location. We’re not spread thin supporting clients in unrelated industries. We do legal marketing (almost) exclusively–sign up for a free site audit today, and see the difference for yourself.

Our main objectives for most clients are twofold:

  • Improve the ranking for bottom-funnel pages with high purchase intent.
  • Improve your Google Business Profile rankings.

Both of these efforts drive qualified leads and, most importantly, signed cases.

The We Do Way

Our approach varies according to your needs, budget, and current market presence. We generally offer a mix of content revamps, page-level analysis, new content creation, and link building. Specific services might include topic cluster creation, internal linking recommendations, site structure optimization, local citation cleanup, and more.

A typical service contract might include any or all of the following:

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Page-Level Analysis
  • Technical Audit of Core Web Vitals
  • Site Structure Optimization
  • Content Audit and Internal Linking
  • SEO Content Optimization and Publishing
  • Analytics/Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Site Health/Website Maintenance
  • Content Creation/Content Revamps
  • LSA Setup/Analysis
  • Google Business Profile
  • Disavow
  • Competitor Backlink Analysis
  • Link Building/Link Development
  • Consultancy
  • Reporting
  • Social Media Management
  • Translation Services (e.g., a Spanish market growth campaign)

We Do Value

We’re not just about marketing–we’re about results. We’re serious about amplifying your digital presence and converting more of your online traffic into qualified leads and signed cases. We don't measure our success using vanity metrics like ranking and traffic; those are important, but we know the ultimate goal is to sign cases. We will encourage you to dream big, and then we will help you turn those dreams into your reality.

We Do Web

Ready to supercharge your law firm's growth? If you're serious about converting more online visits to cases, our complimentary website content audit is an opportunity you shouldn't miss.

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