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Chicago, Illinois, United States

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Who are we and what do we do?

Our full-service team works with growth-stage and enterprise companies to assist them in developing and implementing the perfect marketing campaign. Our goal is to ensure that everything we do has direct ROI and brand growth.

What is the team like?

Unlike most agencies, we don't rely on entry-level teams to develop complicated and challenging marketing strategies. The average VisualFizz team member has 10-15+ years of experience.

What is our process like?

We develop a custom process for each of our clients. Let's hop on a call and discuss what is the best strategy for your organization.

Want to learn more?

Email us at Hello@VisualFizz.com

Want to see our case studies?

See here: https://visualfizz.com/case-studies/

Some VisualFizz clients include:

Toyota, Skechers, American Cancer Society, Illinois Holocaust Museum, Smithsonian Musuem, Lakeview East/Wrigleyville (Chicago), HP, Zebra, Topco, Rose Paving, Votarantim Cimentos, Roadrunner Transportation, One Hope United, Mac & Cheese Fest, Anning Johnson, among many other industry leaders whom we can not name.

Histórias de sucesso


A dental instrument manufacturing brand could easily fall into a stale, monotonous brand voice that lacks personality and makes its community members’ eyes glaze over. Not this company, however. Despite the somewhat dry nature of their business, the brand sparkles with personality.


We offered its extensive social media expertise in both organic and paid strategies, including organic social media calendar with daily postings on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, organic community management across all channels, offline media campaigns with a goal of social growth.


By implementing a unique content curation strategy coupled with exciting new posts, VisualFizz helped this brand increase their audience engagement by over 400% across all channels. Twitter and Instagram saw the largest organic growth.


As the largest service provider focused on parking lot management in the U.S., Rose Paving has cultivated a reputation for going above and beyond to deliver excellent and lasting results. That being said, their digital marketing and PPC needed additional work.


VisualFizz continues to manage location-specific PPC accounts, specifically on Google Ads, to bolster brand recognition and development. This complex process involves analyzing smart headlines and dynamic keyword variants with a focus on contact forms as the conversion metric.


VisualFizz has significant experience working with variable PPC budget amounts to implement a cost-effective bidding strategy that maximizes returns. Year over Year, form submission increased by 263 percent.

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