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millermedia7 is a digital, full service innovation, branding, software, UX, and digital marketing studio that exists only for the stratospheric elevation of brands.

Our team has over 50 years of combined, vital experience working with major brands and enterprise clients. We wholeheartedly embrace the web, video, IoT, mobile, AI, AR, and all facets of design. Millermedia7 believes that transparency, automation and streamlined workflows yield opportunities to tackle a new generation of technology challenges that many companies are now experiencing for the first time.

We are a tight-knit team of strategists, designers, developers, and digital change agents that work together to create digital experiences that elevate brands.

We create digital experiences for the new economy. We make new things possible.

We will work with you to imagine, build, tinker, and iterate until together we make the status quo obsolete.

We are a tight-knit team of strategists, designers, developers, and digital change agents that work together to create digital experiences that elevate brands.

Histórias de sucesso


Customer has been looking for YOY steady growth. When we first met his sales were flat or slightly down. He was a single business operator handling quotes, installs, service, maintenance, ordering all materials and taking care of the accounting.


Paid Search, Social Media (Facebook/Instagram), Reputation Monitoring, Call Tracking, Programmatic Display, and Website Hosting and Support.


Today this client has grown by over 400%. He's moved from a single business owner to having 4 crews out in the trucks and an office staff to handle all appointments, inventory management (warehousing)., accounts receivable and payment.


Occupancy for both their residential apartment complexes and their commercial operations were running around 82-83%. The client did not have a solid line of sight as to which marketing channels were helping them fill available apartments or office space. ROI for their marketing spend was low.


Analytics Reporting, Paid Search, SEO, Social Media, Programmatic Display, YouTube (Video).


We built out a custom digital dashboard. We were able to breakout the media spend, leads, tours and leases. We were abl to eliminated wasted dollars spend on ineffective marketing and shifted those dollars to the tactics that were working. Marketing cost to sales was 2-3%. Current Occupancy is 98%

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