White-Label Improvements and Themes in My Reports

March 25, 2022image


If you’re using Agency Growth Kit, you’re in luck, because automatic report-sending in My Reports just got even better. We’ve added brand new white-label customization opportunities and design themes.

White-Label Feature Enhancements

Our new and improved white-labeling features offer more customization options than ever, so you can customize your reports to align with your agency and client’s preferences. You can now:

  • Set a custom yourname@myreports.email address. Customize the username in your myreports.email address so that clients will associate your name or agency with incoming reports.
  • Set your preferred email address as a Reply-To email so that clients can easily ask questions and offer feedback on the reports you send
  • Customize your emails with tons of new text formatting capabilities, including major fonts, font size, styles, numbered lists, bullet lists, text alignment, adding links, images, code parts, and more. 
  • Create a custom email signature, and save it for all future emails you send from My Reports.


Any custom messages you create are now saved as recent messages in My Reports, so that you can always go back to and reuse them.

Use Case

For example, if you conduct an SEO audit of all your clients on Fridays, you do not need to create a letter for each individual report every time. Instead, you can simply re-use the last message and slightly change the text.

You can take advantage of these new features whether you’re sending your report directly from the Semrush interface or customizing it within the My Reports tool.

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New Design Themes

Agency Growth Kit users now have access to custom themes and visual styles in My Reports, meaning you can now align your reports more closely with your agency’s style and branding.


You can find Custom Themes within the My Reports tool. When customizing your report, click on the “Themes” tab in the left menu bar, then choose your preferred theme and, if necessary, click “Customize Report.” 

Paired with the Agency Growth Kit, My Reports is more convenient than ever, fully meeting the robust reporting needs of agencies and in-house teams. Save time by setting up your custom, white-labeled reports once, and automatically receive updates on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Get the Agency Growth Kit and try the newly enhanced My Reports, with customization, set-and-forget report sending, and more. 

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