Social Media Toolkit: LinkedIn Competitor Audiences in the Social Media Tracker

October 23, 2019image

What makes LinkedIn so special? Unlike other social media platforms, it is strongly committed to business communication. That’s why monitoring your competition on this network is crucial. 

To make this easier for you we’ve changed the way we display LinkedIn data in the Social Media Toolkit. As the Social Media Tracker was originally designed as a benchmarking solution, we’ve located the data about your rivals’ followers, the only information SEMrush can currently get from LinkedIn, right there. As a result, it is now available in the Overview report, PDF reports and automated emails you get from the tool. 


The new functionality lets you spot significant gains or losses in your rival’s follower count and look for the causes (super-engaging or controversial posts, changes in the company policy or leadership, awesome job opportunities, etc.), either with the help of SEMrush tools or by just rechecking their pages. In addition, the audience size is an indirect brand awareness measure that will let you evaluate the effectiveness of your competitor’s PR efforts.

The information not intended for competitive analysis and related to the performance of your own page has been moved to Social Media Poster.


To get the number of your followers, impressions, likes, clicks, shares, comments, etc. just check the Analytics tab - the same way you do with other accounts you can administer.  


We hope that this separation will help you better keep up with the competition while still keeping a finger on the pulse of your own brand. 

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