Social Media Tool: Improved Usability

June 1, 2016image

The Social Media Tool is becoming more and more convenient! Check out its latest update!

The first update gives you the option to filter reports by any social channel. This is very useful if you need to analyze something specific.

Let’s take Facebook data, for example: with just one click you can filter any report to show only data for Facebook. No need to scroll past data for other channels and/or turn off other social channels in Comparison charts.


As you can see in the example above, only Facebook data is being compared. It couldn't be easier!

The second update is revamped report header:

  • Now all reports have exactly the same header, making our interface even more convenient;
  • The report header is now also sticky, which makes changing companies and social channels much faster. Plus, information about any selected company, social channel filter or data range is always visible;
  • Date selector has been shifted to the left, and we’ve made it  bigger and more readable.

In this example below, you can check out our revamped sticky header and date selector (marked in red and black respectively).


Don't forget: social media is here to stay in the marketing world, and it will only further penetrate all aspects of your life and work. So be sure to add our Social Media Tool to your arsenal, if you haven't already.

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