Social Media Poster: The Detailed Metrics of Your Boosts' Efficiency

October 4, 2022image

Ever since we implemented the boosting feature in Social Media Poster, it’s even easier to promote your events or products and get tons of views, likes and clicks for your post. Now it’s time to bring some more convenience to this option. 

Spend a lot of time creating content to share on Facebook? Now you don’t have to scroll through all your published posts to find the boost you need and check its efficiency. 

Find the new Boosts section in the Posts tab. The section contains a list with all boosts created for a Facebook page in Social Media Poster. At the top of the list, you can see the overall metrics on all boosts for a selected period: Total paid reach, Total spent, Total number of boosts.


For each boost, you can see the actual performance metrics:

  • Paid reach – the number of people who saw a post.  
  • Goal: paid reach – the boost results according to its purpose: paid reach, post engagement, link clicks or video views. 
  • Spent of <…> – Sum of money spent on an ad and the initial budget. Ideally, upon completion of a boost, your whole budget should be spent. If the expenditure is less, possibly the ad has failed to catch your audience's attention; you might want to change its text, picture, or adjust the audience settings.
  • Cost per 1,000 reached – The price for a targeted outcome. E.g. if you’ve spent $10, the boost goal is ‘video views’, and you received 1000 of them – then the cost per result will be $0.01. If the boost goal is ‘reach’, you’ll see the CPP metric (Cost per rating point – the price for 1000 ad viewers). 
  • Result rate – the relative success of your boost. 

Clicking on each boost will show you even more different useful metrics. 


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