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February 14, 2017image

We are happy to announce the release of a unique SEMrush tool - SEO Content Template, which will help you to come up with semantically rich and SEO optimized content that has a great chance of making it to Google’s top 10 in a flash.


Whenever you enter a keyword or a set of keywords, we analyze the top 10 domains ranking for these keywords and give you actionable recommendations for content length, semantically related words, domains you can get backlinks from and also keyword placement reminders.

Please be advised that the tool is available after you’ve purchased a subscription, or you can request a SEMrush free trial. 

You can find the SEO Content Template tool in the SEMrush left menu. By clicking on it, you will get a search bar, where you can type in a target keyword or keywords of the content you have in mind.


In a flash you will receive your first content creation recommendations based on your Google top-10-ranking rivals.

To better understand how the SEO Content Template tool works, let’s consider an example. Let’s say you want to create an article on how to make tacos, but you don’t know how best to optimize it to increase your chances of ranking high in Google right from the beginning. SEO Content Template comes to the rescue! You type in a keyword and the tool will give you ideas on your text composition.


Also it will provide you with general recommendations, which are basically technical reminders for you to include your keywords in your page structure.


You can download the template with all the above information, including a list of top-10 rivals for your keywords, into a DOC file and start working with it directly or send it to your content writer. The ‘Export to DOC’ button is located at the top of the SEO Content Template page.



After your article is completed and released, don’t forget to set up a project and use the SEO Ideas tool, which will provide you with additional ideas on how to better optimize your article, and the tool won’t let you forget a single detail.

Since SEO Content Template is in open beta, your opinion is very important to us. Please send your comments and ideas to

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