SEMrush Content Marketplace: Traffic-driving Content in a Few Clicks

August 26, 2019image

If you’ve been with us long enough, you probably know how our product has grown — SEMrush started as an SEO toolkit as well as a keyword research solution. To help marketers achieve their goals faster and improve strategy based on data, SEMrush has transformed into an all-in-one solution for SEO, SMM, PPC, Market Research and Content Marketing specialists.


We are convinced that sharing trusted data and creating unique solutions will make marketers’ lives easier. We strive to continue working on these digital marketing areas so that marketers will always have time to be creative. 

Communicating with users helped us understand what problems they encounter and what products could make their job easier. Having faced similar issues, we understand that creating content is a top priority for any specialist working in digital marketing. The main challenge is finding a fast, reliable copywriter who produces quality content. 

Today we are excited to present a brand new product — SEMrush Content Marketplace, a place where in just a few clicks you can order traffic-driving content written by experienced copywriters.

This is an important milestone for us. SEMrush Content Marketplace is a new product that is fundamentally different from any previous one. When developing Marketplace, our goal was to help you order content with minimal paperwork, collaborate with trusted authors only that we choose for you, and ensure content as close to your expectations as possible. 


On the one hand, modern digital marketers have a desire to share their knowledge; on the other hand, a desire to quickly and easily order a quality service, which is not always possible to get in-house. It’s a big challenge, that’s why SEMrush gave it thought and made efforts to help you overcome it.
And we don’t want to stop at this point, we want to continue developing this product. We want the SEMrush Marketplace to become a platform where different specialists share their knowledge and access different kinds of services.

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How to Use SEMrush Marketplace

First, go to the SEMrush Marketplace which is available for both free and paid users. If you haven’t done so yet, register as a user.

You are then free to check writing examples for an idea of what type of content our copywriters create for our users. 

Once you’re ready to order, choose a type of content based on word count. 


You can make a payment for your future content piece from your personal dashboard. You can also fill in data the writers may need, such as topic suggestions, content goal, or target audience. 


If you don’t mention a specific title, a copywriter will send a title and meta-description within two working days. As soon as you approve it, the copywriter will start to create a piece of content and submit it to you for review within ten working days. That’s all you have to do!

You’re free to review the title, meta-description, and content three times.

Feel free to try our brand new SEMrush Marketplace. This is a first version of the platform and we need your feedback. Share your comments and ideas on how we can improve it as well as what other services would be useful to you at

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