SEMrush Launches a Tool for Amazon

May 20, 2019image

Sellerly is a free tool for increasing conversions of Amazon product pages by split testing the main elements that affect sales.

Split testing is a method used for data-driven optimization, and our new tool will help you to easily apply it to your Amazon listings. If you are serious about your business, you can’t rely only on your intuition, you have to back your decisions with data.  

Our tool allows you to run unlimited split tests, gradually improving to craft the most profitable listing.


Key features:

→ Manage your product listings directly by integrating your Amazon Seller Account

→ Test different titles, descriptions, and prices to find the best combination

→ Track each experiment live

→ Discard any changes in one click, leave only what's worthwhile  

→ The tool is free!

Learn more in our FAQ.

Sellerly is just the first step for us, as we are willing to employ our expertise in marketing solutions to help the Amazon sellers' community.

Stay tuned, and…

Sell. Test. Sell more.

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