Sellerly Grows into Sellzone and Launches the Keyword Wizard tool

May 26, 2021image


From the very inception of our Amazon toolkit, we were striving to bring something new to e-commerce professionals. The idea was to not only help users increase conversions but also help them excel as entrepreneurs by building a community of sellers, experts and agencies.

Today, we’re pleased to announce a couple of awesome updates. We are changing the name of Sellerly – our suite for Amazon business growth – and also embedding another tool within its ecosystem. Please meet Sellzone and the Keyword Wizard tool

From Sellerly to Sellzone

Sellerly started from one pretty straightforward tool, mainly focused on conversion rate optimization. Gradually, we have grown into a full-fledged toolkit covering more and more Amazon marketing workflows. 

From the earliest stages of development, we've been involving sellers and industry experts in testings and feedback sessions to learn about their key pains and ideas. Another key point was to share the knowledge and expertise through our blog, webinars, and courses. So, is it any wonder that our enormously useful Sellerly kept snowballing? 

Subsequently, the achievements made us wake up to the fact that our Amazon toolkit had become something way bigger – a whole area, the zone where all stakeholders meet, share the knowledge and evolve, while our smart solutions are optimizing and automating their business processes. 

This is how we came up with Sellzone – a more appropriate and relevant name for our cutting-edge platform.


The Keyword Wizard Tool

To celebrate the new stage and showcase our development, the updated toolkit has just been equipped with Keyword Wizard -- a keyword research tool for the Amazon search engine. 

Employ this tool to:

  • Get higher search rankings on Amazon by presenting the most relevant high-volume search terms for any product;
  • Bring in new ideas on keywords for ranking on Amazon by providing a list of long-tail keywords by broad, phrase and exact match; 
  • Find growth opportunities and outpace competitors with a low-competition keyword list.

How to Perform Keyword Research With the Tool

Working with Keyword Wizard is very simple. 

  1. Enter a main (seed) keyword;
  2. The Keyword Wizard will start searching for relevant variations in the Sellzone database;
  3. Get a list of variants enriched with metrics and have the opportunity to adjust the list of keywords by excluding irrelevant words in the broad or phrase match long-tail keywords;
  4. Export selected keywords for further work on the product listing.


What Tools Does Sellzone Contain Now?

With this newest release, Sellzone includes the following tools: 

  • Keyword Wizard - Amazon keyword research tool that improves your Amazon listing visibility by finding high-volume search terms to rank for.
  • Traffic Insights - Helps sellers find new customer sources by evaluating and comparing the external traffic channels of a product listed on Amazon.
  • Listing Quality Check - Audits listing content for potential suspension threats and Amazon guideline compliance and provides actionable tips on improving listing performance.
  • Listing Protection - Monitors listings of sellers’ own or competing products and alerts users via email or SMS about various changes in the product listing. 
  • Split Testing - Runs automated split testing of product pages, helping to determine which parameters perform better for the listings based on live test data. It's completely free.

We are very proud of our growth and are not going to slow down. Our team will continue to listen to our user base and implement more features to help you get the most out of each product listing on Amazon. Go and try out all of those tools right now, get in the zone, and beef up your Amazon business!

Accelerate your Amazon business growthWelcome to Sellzone

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