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June 26, 2018image

Recently we’ve been thinking about how to make working with our Marketing Calendar even simpler and more productive, and of course we’ve found the solution. It’s no secret that many marketing agencies perform similar tasks and manage similar campaigns for their clients. Now that we've embedded the campaign templates feature, you can eliminate extra work and focus on what's important. 

What’s it for?

This new functionality allows you to save a campaign with all its data as a template so you can use it again. You don’t need to create similar campaigns every time.  

A template will include:

  • a campaign itself (description, title, owner)
  • activities (description, title, owner, dates, tags)
  • tasks within activities (due dates, assignees)


How do I use it?

You can select a template when adding a new campaign. Templates will be available in any calendar accessible to the user. All activities will be arranged relative to the current campaign's start date.

Let’s say your campaign starts on Monday, and it includes an activity planned for Tuesday. When you create a campaign (for instance, one that starts on Saturday) from this template, the activity will appear on Sunday – the day after your campaign starts. The same rule applies for tasks and deadlines.

You also have the opportunity to set up alerts for your assignees and task owners. Simply check ‘Notify owners and assignees,’ and everyone who’s responsible for tasks and activities will be notified. This check box isn’t marked by default.


Done working with a template? Just delete it in the template selector from the ‘New campaign’ modal window.


What do you think of this update? We hope you find it useful. Don’t hesitate to send us your thoughts and suggestions at

Try out the updated Marketing CalendarStart here

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