Listing Management: Improved Heatmap and Competitors Data

February 16, 2021image


Every business nowadays can benefit at some level from local SEO. It has become relevant not only for smaller businesses but also for big multinationals and companies with multiple locations in different countries. 

Today, the Listing Management tool, our unified solution to manage and update location data on customer-facing platforms, got a couple of new smart features that are sure to make your life easier. Let’s get to them. 

Historical Data in the Heatmap

You can track your local SEO progress right on the map! The Heatmap feature now clearly shows historical data, reflecting your location improvements compared to previous data collection results. Just pick a specific date, compare it to the current one, and then measure results.

The Preview feature in the upper block highlights the overall progress from month to month and allows you to switch between reports. 

The Heatmap also now shows more detailed information about your changes. 


Business Information on Competitors

More data to analyze! Listing Management now provides business data about your rivals in Local Pack – you can find it in the left block. 

Clicking on a competitor will take you to the detailed information, including categories and review stats. 


Local SEO is something that impacts the bottom line of your business. Make sure you give due attention to it. 

New to Listing Management? Check out this article to set up the tool and learn more.

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