Content Analyzer: Full and Detailed Audit of Your Site’s Content

September 13, 2017image

How relevant are your site’s pages for your target audience? Are you sure you’re properly monitoring your content? There’re always too many questions when it comes to website governance, and we proudly continue to respond with just one word – SEMrush.

Meet our new report. It is called Content Audit, and you can find it in the Content Analyzer. Now let’s see what’s so groundbreaking about it.


scans each page of your site and provides different analytical information on the content placed there. 

These are the types of information we now provide you with:

  • Meta data (title, H1, meta description), author, content length
  • Social signals (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn)
  • Backlinks
  • Number of sessions, average session duration, bounce rate (by connecting Google Analytics)

One of Content Audit's most handy features is the ability to set a workflow for a URL. Just select a page you’re interested in, mark it as ‘In progress,’ and create some tasks. Then all you need to do is go to your site, amend its content as planned, and track how metrics change. When you’re finished with improving your content, mark that task as ‘Done.’


Trends feature.

By viewing and analyzing your site's metrics, you can easily reveal pages that are in ‘poor condition’ as we call it, and take measures to fix your articles and make them more relevant for your target audience, or maybe delete them completely.

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