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September 6, 2021image


The Agency Growth Kit keeps gaining momentum! Today we’re presenting a new feature inside the CRM tool, Client Portal, set to help agencies streamline one of their most demanding and time-consuming workflows – reporting. 

Just imagine: instead of collecting data manually and processing it, all you need to do now is create a client portal in a few clicks, select the required reports, and then send the link and credentials to your client. 

What Is a Client Portal? 

Client Portal is an agency-tailored feature allowing you to create individual password-protected portals and provide your clients with automatically updated reports they can access at any time. 


No more spending time creating reports on demand! Send your clients an individual portal link to simplify your interaction, and provide access to all necessary reports and important information in one place. Client Portal will take your reporting to a new level, and also help to build transparent client communication.

Agencies can share various reports with their clients’ data from dozens of handy Semrush tools, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google My Business, and also set up the update intervals for these reports. Even if your clients don’t have access to Semrush, they will be able to see the updates as often as they need. 

Please note: agencies can create up to 100 client portals. 

The Client Portal feature is available as a part of the Agency Growth Kit (AGK)

How Does Client Portal Work?

The process will only take a few minutes of your time. 

  1. create a portal;
  2. select the needed reports;
  3. set the update intervals; 
  4. send a link and password to a client. 

Clients can access the portal at any time, view the reports for different time periods, and also download the reports.

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For more instructions on creating portals, read our dedicated article

When Do I Need Client Portals?

Here we have compiled examples of how Client Portal can make your client management and interaction much easier. Let’s take a look.

  • A client wants to check the update on website rankings every day.

There is no need for manually tracking data and sending it to the client every day. You create a client portal, set the position tracking report with the daily update, and give the client access to the portal. 

  • A client needs to see the data on SEO performance and the job you’ve done for them on Mondays before weekly planning.

You set key SEO reports with the weekly update and give the client access to the portal.

  • A client expects a monthly overall marketing report from you on the first day of every month.

You can create a portal with a report containing needed data and set it to update on the first day of each month.

Working with the Client Portal feature is just that simple. 

Reporting shouldn’t be a burden, and thankfully, it no longer is. Get the Agency Growth Kit today, explore the new feature and impress your clients with interactive automated reporting. Don’t forget to share your feedback at 

Automate time-consuming client reporting processGet the AGK and try out Client Portal

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