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Video Ads Research

Video Advertising: YouTube Topics

In order to facilitate a more advanced search and help you gain insight into what’s trending on YouTube, we are adding a new feature to our Video Advertising reports —”topics”. Read more...

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Brand New US & UK Databases: Video Advertising

For those of you who are using video content as a part of your marketing strategy, you’re going to really like this one! And for those of you who aren’t — read on to learn why we are hammering away at the Video Advertising Research. Read more...

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Power Up Your Creativity with Video Ads!

Lots of humanity’s greatest ideas have been inspired by things we would not expect. After all, no one could expect a fallen apple to turn the long-standing principles of physics upside down. And what if we told you that watching four YouTube videos could inspire a brilliant SEO or marketing move? Businesses can’t rely on sheer coincidence, and that’s why we’re adding VideoAds Widgets designed to inspire new creative ideas for your SEO and online marketing campaigns! Read more...

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Meet the New Video Advertising Research!

The SEMrush Team is proud to announce the latest addition to our research toolbox: the Video Advertising Research feature.


The Video Advertising Research feature is a one-of-a-kind, second-to-none analytical feature designed for gathering and analyzing data on YouTube in-stream video advertisements and channels.


Want to know the magic behind it and learn how you can beat your competition just by watching YouTube videos? Read more...

SEMrush launches the new Video Advertising Research feature