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Position Tracking tool

Position Tracking: Landscape Report

Have you ever thought of having all key Position Tracking takeaways on one page? It would be pretty useful in cases where you need to get a general impression of a domain’s visibility, estimated traffic, position changes, etc. If you agree, check out the Landscape report. Read more...

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Position Tracking: Hyper Targeting by ZIP Code

Looking for new, innovative ways to actively encourage your business? We’re dab hands at that! Competitive research is always relevant when there are lots of players in the market. But tracking your positions and analysis of all your potential rivals within a city or country could take a lot of time, and sometimes you just need to dig deeper and focus on audiences which could become your active clients as they are near you. Read more...

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Track Your Baidu Rankings with Position Tracking

We are excited to inform you that we’ve launched rank tracking in the first Chinese search engine Baidu within our Position Tracking! Read more...Position Tracking: Baidu Rank Tracking Launch banner

Monitoramento de posição: Uma nova solução para Snippets em destaque

Há pouco tempo falamos sobre recursos de SERP e como é bom oferecer suporte a eles na nossa ferramenta Monitoramento de posição. Agora trazemos uma nova solução para reunir todos os dados úteis sobre os Snippets em destaque em um só lugar. Leia mais... 

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Ferramenta Monitoramento de posição: Suporte a páginas AMP

No mundo da navegação web de alta velocidade em dispositivos móveis, cada segundo conta ao tentar atrair a atenção dos usuários. O Google diz que 53% de todas as visitas são abandonadas quando uma página móvel demora mais de 3 segundos para carregar. Leia mais...Banner de suporte a AMP na ferramenta Monitoramento de posição

Monitoramento de posição: Suporte a recursos de SERP

Desde que o Google apresentou os recursos de SERP, não basta mais ocupar as 10 primeiras posições do Google para chamar a atenção de quem pesquisa na Web. Agora é essencial monitorar exatamente como suas palavras-chave se comportam nos resultados da pesquisa e quais recursos de SERP desviam a atenção do seu site. Leia mais...Position Tracking SERP Features support banner

SEMrush Sensor: Personal Score

SEMrush Sensor now gives you data on the Google ranking volatility of the exact keywords you’re interested in! Read more...

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Organic Traffic Insights: Position Tracking Integration

We’ve integrated the keyword export feature from Organic Traffic Insights into the Position Tracking tool. As a result, you can now compare your site’s local position for any keyword you already rank for with your competitors’!  Read more...

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Position Tracking: Track Multiple Devices and Locations

We are proud to add a new feature to the Position Tracking tool — Multitargeting. Now you can use it to track your website’s search visibility across multiple targetings — devices and locations — in one place. Read more...Position Tracking Track Multiple Devices and Locations banner

Position Tracking Tool: PDF Reporting Improvements

Submitting a report is a responsible thing to do. Sometimes details do matter. That’s why we've recently made some significant improvements to the Position Tracking tool’s PDF widgets. Read more...

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