BuzzGuru Influencer Analytics: Build spot-on influencer marketing campaigns

January 21, 2022image


Influencer marketing is powerful and gains more and more proponents every year. But it’s not always marketers’ favorite channel. 

A lack of transparency and analytics (and hence, wasted budgets) often lead us marketers to turn to other channels. But done right, influencer marketing can give you way more than a simple promo — including customers’ trust, audience expansion, and tighter brand affinity — and all that in a short time.

And BuzzGuru Influencer Analytics is exactly the tool that lets you do it right.

What is BuzzGuru Influencer Analytics?

BuzzGuru Influencer Analytics is a platform that allows you to easily discover influencers that match perfectly with your marketing needs and get in-depth competitive insights on your rivals’ influencer marketing strategies. 

With access to an ever-expanding database of 25+ million influencers and content creators on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitch, your influencer discovery is as hassle-free as it gets — you can base your search on smart filters, keywords, and even in-video mentions.


If you ever intend to jump into the ocean of influencer marketing (and you should), here are the app’s key features that will guide your way:

  • Influencer discovery

Find the best influencers for your marketing and ad campaigns, using the app’s 30+ data breakdowns that help you find the perfect match.

  • Competitor research

Unwrap your competitors’ and market leaders’ influencer marketing strategy: their campaigns budgets and performance, influencers and content creators they already partner with, and more.

  • Influencer management automation

Use BuzzGuru Influencer Analytics’ automation capabilities to easily create and update your influencer lists — to get rid of any routine tasks and manual work and to always have a freshly updated list of influencers to partner with for each of your campaigns.

We are proud to say that BuzzGuru Influencer Analytics is now part of Semrush App Center — so you have access to the app’s coolest features, get exclusive offers, and can try the tool for yourself absolutely free.

Amp up your marketing efforts with a strong influencer marketing strategy — built on the intel of a single tool.

Discover spot-on influencers and competitive intel that amplify your promo strategyGet a free trial and explore the tool