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July 19, 2019image

Instagram is still one of the fastest-growing social media networks, and you can’t ignore it. Every life story becomes online-visible through likes, comments, and of course hashtags, which have already been the new generation jargon for a while.

That’s why it’s crucial to keep your eye on Instagram when tracking your brand reputation, and that’s why you need SEMrush, because we’re going to make this process pure and simple.

As you may have guessed, Instagram is a new mentions source in the Brand Monitoring tool. It is now easy to:

  • see how many mentions your brand has
  • check the top influencers who mention your business most often
  • check if those mentions are positive, negative or neutral
  • filter your mentions, and more!


As always, the Overview tab gives you overall data. The charts here help to forge a common understanding of your brand presence on Instagram. Sentiment Analysis data is also available here.


In the Mentions tab, you can segment the most valuable mentions by checking their texts, the mention’s owner, his posts and followers. The more followers a user who mentioned you has, the wider reach your brand will get. Moreover, this is a great opportunity to establish contact with new and existing influencers.

Mentions can be filtered by date and sentiment. You may want to pay more attention to the recent negative mentions of your business to get the situation under control.


In the Statistics tab, you can see the Mention Volume Trend graph with distribution by days/weeks/months. Also, the tab will show your top influencers (Top Users). They are presented in the chart with account names, number of posts, and proportion – the percentage of his posts in proportion to the overall campaign posts number. 

We hope you enjoy this update. Any questions or suggestions? Feel free to send your feedback to

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