New PPC Optimizer Tool Accelerates your Amazon PPC Results!

October 13, 2021image

Making the most out of your Amazon sales can be quite tricky and expensive, especially if you’re only on your way to becoming a confident seller. Now you can leave the challenging parts to us and save your time and budget by using Amazon PPC Optimizer – a smart new solution within the Sellzone toolkit. 

The Amazon PPC Optimizer tool allows you to automatically launch and direct your most profitable ads. By using it, you will get more return on your PPC spend. 

Your Lifeline in the Sea of Amazon Advertising Complexity

The tool simplifies your Amazon advertising efforts as it constantly streamlines a running PPC campaign – no action required! Each new sale will automatically adjust your ad campaign, so you won't be wasting your budget on ineffective strategies. All you need to do is select your daily budget for advertising, and the start and end dates. 

You can even start the campaign without specifying keywords – the tool will gather a list of the most relevant and effective keywords for your product.

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“A” for Amazon… and Autonomy

Benefits of the Amazon PPC Optimizer Tool:

  • Explore effective opportunities for your Amazon advertising campaign optimization
  • Build your semantic core with just one click and get more customers
  • Save time by having profitable keywords discovered and added to your campaign automatically
  • Avoid competition between your own ad campaigns by having the tool create negatives automatically 
  • Run one campaign for one product without a paid subscription

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