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Quick Checker

Quick Checker is a tool within SEO Content Template that scores your content in real-time based on the SEO recommendations. It works the same as the SEO Writing Assistant add-on but without the need of a Google Doc.

You can find the Quick Checker within the SEO Content Template tool itself, located directly next to the SEO Recommendations tab. Here you will see an empty text widget that allows you to easily type or past a new piece of content.

Quick Checker image 1

Once you enter any text into this Quick Checker template you will see the different metrics change in real-time. These metrics are the same as they would be if you were using the SWA add-on within Google Docs.

These include Overall Score, Readability, Word Count, Target Keywords, Recommended Keywords, Title, Tone of Voice, and Paragraph Length.

If you want to collaborate on a piece of content you can set a writing task for a writer by using the Share document button.

share document

This way you are able to keep all of your text SEO-friendly. Keep in mind that all writers must have the SWA add-on installed to use this feature.

If you want to save these recommendations, you can download them into a Word doc for future reference by clicking the Export to doc button on the SEO Recommendations tab.

export to doc

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