Post to Facebook and Twitter from one place

If you work with social media, you must be well aware of the problem with switching between your accounts in order to post to different social networks. Breathe a sigh of relief - it’s all in the past!


Now you can simply connect your social accounts to SEMrush’s Posting Tool and post across different social networks from a single tab. Add as many accounts as you want and post your content to Facebook and Twitter. Other social networks will be added soon.

Schedule posts and manage your schedules

Schedule posts weeks and months in advance with an ability to multi-schedule for future dates.


From now on, there's no need for you to search for available time slots: once you have your posting schedule created, the tool will automatically send your posts to empty time slots.


To stay on track with your long-term goals, set your posting objectives (the number of posts per day and when you want them to go live) and monitor your progress.


Have you created a new post draft that needs further elaboration or revision? Mark it as 'Draft' and continue working on it whenever you want. You can schedule your drafts, but they won’t go live without your permission. Also, if some drafts didn’t pass your inner censor, they’ll be marked as ‘expired drafts’.

Save time on social media management by using advanced features

Being able to see your scheduled posts in a list or calendar view will help you quickly spot gaps and overlaps.


Easily move your posts to another time or date using the ‘Drag and Drop’ feature.


Connect your favourite RSS feeds for relevant external content you'd like to share, using the 'Content Ideas' feature.


Are you a team player? Not a problem: collaborate with colleagues and work on any project as a whole team. And if you want save even more time, use handy hotkeys while you work! Just hold the ‘Alt’ key to see a full list of hotkeys available.

Analyze your content performance

Now there's no need for you to go to your Facebook page several times a day to track new likes, shares, other engagement metrics and audience growth. The ‘Analytics’ tab will provide you with a quick analysis of your page’s performance in one easy-to-read table.


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