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White Digital
White Digital
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White Digital helps ambitious business looking to grow online.

We pride ourselves on being:






Do you share these values?

Looking for straight-talking experts who do what they say, deliver what they promise and put you at the centre of everything they do? You’re in the right place.

We've worked with companies both large and small throughout the UK and around the world. From hospitality businesses through to eCommerce stores and a wide range in-between.

Our combined years of experience as a team are reflected in the work we do and our unique skill sets combine to allow us to deliver results across a range of disciplines including SEO, PPC, Web Design and more!

What does our way look like exactly?






Our worth is in the value we provide the world, so we’re driven to provide as much value as possible to as many people as possible.

Look, it’s easy for us to say the right things about marketing, anyone can do that. Tell us a bit about your project and we’ll set up a meeting to get to know each other properly.

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The client's team realised they weren’t ranking organically very well. As an eCommerce store in a competitive market, this was a problem. See, like most fashion retailers, they were already running paid advertising and getting great results. However, they needed to improve their organic rankings.


After an in-depth discovery call, the client's team made their targets and expectations clear: they wanted to increase their domain authority, traffic, and ultimately their revenue. We got to work making that happen. We focused on technical SEO, content development and developing a linking strategy.


In just seven months, the number of people visiting the website organically increased by 105%. That’s more than double the original visitors. Overall, they did 55% more transactions and (most importantly) revenue increased by 38%.


The initial scope of the website included: A new look and feel based on their updated brand guidelines A website that converted more sales of their Farm Shop stock Adding more products to their website, as their current offering was limited. Integration with their stock management system.


We delivered 12 designed pages and created their own hand-drawn map. Since then, the dynamic website has evolved in line with the Farm Shop’s businesses. We’ve added features like: A Christmas hamper ordering system Bespoke delivery and shipping processes And bespoke internal order reporting


Each visitor looked through more than double of the website pages than the period before, spending almost 30% more time on their website as a whole. In the month immediately after the new website went live, over 11,000 people visited the site – a 41% increase in traffic year on year.

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