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SEO by Sociallyin
SEO by Sociallyin
Page Optimizer Pro Certified Scientific SEO Agency

Birmingham, Alabama, United States

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Do you want to rank higher on Google? Are you tired of relying on ads for traffic? SEO by Sociallyin is a 100% search-focused agency that guarantees performance and exclusivity in select industries. Our team is associated with Sociallyin - the top social media agency - but our team strictly focuses on SEO and Google Ads. That level of specialization and expertise is what our clients love the most about working with Sociallyin. We don’t just help clients find their way to higher rankings on Google listings, but also help clients optimize their opportunities for sales conversions through web design and conversion rate optimization. The team of writers, creatives and SEOs at Sociallyin always strive to make client success our #1 goal. Our SEO process is straightforward so there are no surprises along the way – only results! Let us take your business from good enough…to great!
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After years of mediocre results from their website, we saw an immediate need for local SEO since the company had very poor visibility on Google Maps within a 2.5 mile radius.


After identifying the most commonly searched roofing keywords in their local market, we proceeded to update website copy, and added several new categories to their Google listing. Location pages were optimized against competitor averages and we built out amazingly detailed citations each month.


Over a 90 day period we tracked steady improvements in Google Maps ranking within a 3 mile radius of their office that resulted in a positive ROI by the 4th month of service. A large storm came through the area causing a sudden influx of leads. During that month their GBPs generated $3 million.


An eCommerce brand that was an early pioneer in their niche was suddenly hit with a Google penalty that caused traffic to drop by over 50%. Sales were declining before they reached out to SEO by Sociallyin for help. We turned the situation around leading to an 86.20% increase in organic traffic.


Our team identified multiple technical issues that were causing the homepage to take over 30 seconds to fully render. Blake also noted several issues with the site's backlink profile, including a missing 302 redirect from their former brand that was causing them to not get credit for 100+ links.


Comparing year-over-year performance in Google Analytics, we were able to achieve the following: A 51.63% increase in goal completions. 16.12% higher conversion rates site-wide. An 86.20% increase in organic traffic. 62.64% higher revenue from organic traffic. 13.42% more total sales from organic.


Our client had been paying for discount SEO services for 2 years without generating enough revenue to take their business full-time. We asked them to 6x their budget and within 2 weeks generated a $50k commercial lead that closed. Now they have multiple crews and continued growth through SEO and PPC


You can read the multi-part case study beginning here: https://seobysociallyin.com/hvac-seo-results-in-2-weeks/ Our process was based on years of experience generating exclusive leads for local HVAC companies. We focused on local SEO first to include citations, website content and GBP optimization.


After close to 12 months of service, this client has added multiple employees. They are also adding new services with us and continuing to expand their online presence through Google Ads and social media. We started focusing on ice machines at month 6 and now bring in consistent leads there as well.

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