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RealTop.com, a performance-obsessed digital marketing agency, is dedicated to guiding businesses through the complex digital landscape. Our specialties encompass Google PPC, SEO, email newsletters, social media marketing, and website design. We aim to drive profitable leads, construct reliable customer acquisition systems, boost brand visibility, and support scalability.

Our Google PPC services strategically position your ads for optimal impact, ensuring every dollar spent maximizes ROI. Our SEO experts work to increase organic visibility, emphasizing relevance and quality to draw the right traffic to your site.

Email newsletters, despite the rise of other communication channels, remain an effective tool for customer engagement. Our team crafts targeted content that embodies your brand, fosters customer loyalty, and promotes conversions.

We utilize the power of social media marketing across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. With data-driven strategies, we engage your audience, grow your brand, and stimulate leads and sales.

Finally, our website design service ensures your marketing efforts are anchored to a site reflecting your business's quality. Combining aesthetics, functionality, and user-friendly elements, we create websites optimized for conversions.

At RealTop.com, we adopt a holistic, data-driven, and results-oriented approach to digital marketing. We collaborate closely with our clients to understand their business, aligning our strategies perfectly with their objectives. With RealTop.com, digital marketing success is a few clicks away.

Histórias de sucesso


To scale his company and set up an automated marketing machine. He had used a previous agency but was not happy with their lack of transparency, communication, reporting, and comprehension of how his business actually worked.


A/B Split test of ads New More Consumer Centric Ad Copy In-Depth Keyword research and search query optimization Extensive daily negative keyword list creation Creation of an invalid click blocking system New Google Analytics Reporting New Call Tracking reporting with call recording and more!


Decreased cost per lead by 50% +. Scaled campaign and increased conversions by over 270%. Clients had to start hiring additional staff to keep up with all of the new business.


Decrease cost per lead and increase sales to over 1000 new clients per month.


A combination of Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and SEO


Decreased cost per lead by 50% +. Scaled campaign and increased conversions by over 270%. Clients had to start hiring additional staff to keep up with all of the new business. 5963 Free Consultations Per Month 1223 New Clients Per Month $96,079 $96,079 / month in advertising spend $515,420 / month


Optimize current campaign that was managed under a different agency in order to actually see results and monetize on the marketing investment while creating a predictable lead generating machine.


A/B Split Testing of Ads New More Consumer Centric Ad Copy In-Depth Keyword Research and Search Query Optimization Extensive Daily Negative Keyword List Creation Creation of invalid click blocking system New Call Tracking Reporting with Call Recording and Instant/DailyWeekly/Monthly and more!


Optimized Google Search campaign with historical data resulting in more than 400 leads at a cost of $21.78 a lead in the first 6 months. Ongoing optimization in Q3 & Q4 of 2021 resulted in 421 more conversions compared to Q1 & Q2 , while reducing the CPA by $236.

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