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KB Works
KB Works
Web and SEO by actual, time proven, experts.

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Helping clients grow with the latest web, SEO, and marketing technologies. Unlike most other web and SEO agencies, which are often nebulous and have webs of different stakeholders with varying degrees of interest and involvement in your project, KB Works offers something truly unique. We’re a dynamic duo. We’re YOUR sidekicks and business partners. We wont sweet talk you into a project and then subcontract the work to actual experts. We do all the work and research ourselves and give you our undivided attention.
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KB Works worked with RETHINK Retail, a world leader retail trend analysis on an SEO overhaul that helped significantly bolster traffic through the COVID-19 epidemic.


Read full case study here: https://kbworks.org/blog/portfolio-item/seo-for-leading-online-retail-publication/


72% overall traffic increase 64% increase in organic traffic 22,614 Users in 2020 vs 37,185 Users in 2021 77% increase in Page Sessions 131% increase in Page Views (73,331 in 2020 vs 170,096 in 2021) 33% overall decrease in bounce rate 30% increases in pages per session


KB Works performed a SEO (search engine optimization) effort for the leading kiosk technology company in the United States. Advanced Kiosks is a complete kiosk solution provider, dealing with kiosk software design and development. Advanced Kiosks has been in the kiosk industry for over 20 years.


Worked on a solid SEO keyword research campaign to help identify which new opportunities there were in the market, how to maintain our rankings high amidst a looming global pandemic (COVID-19), and how to optimize for new keywords. Also technically optimize the website.


- A doubling in total impressions and clicks on the Google Search Results Page (SERP) for the website. - 24% overall YTD boost to search engine visibility - 11% positive gain in thousands of different keyword rankings


KB Works performed a web design overhaul for Noël Design Build Groups. James, CEO, and his team offer complete residential design build services, as well as expertise in the areas of zoning, building codes, permitting, structural remediation and construction techniques. Noël Design Build production


Read full case study here: https://kbworks.org/blog/portfolio-item/web-design-and-seo-for-home-design-build-group-noel-design-builds/


A complete website revamp which is bringing in tons of business daily!

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