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JDR Group

JDR Group

Digital Prosperity

Derby, England, United Kingdom



JDR Group provide a comprehensive marketing service for small and medium sized businesses.

With a team of 30, including specialists, campaign managers, and strategists, we have the team and the know-how to help. your business.

Our unique 6-step system will help you grow traffic, get more leads, and convert more sales in a sustainable, long-lasting way.

This includes developing a strategy, and creating consistent content for your blog, website and social media. We provide targeted digital marketing to build your traffic including SEO, Google Ads, Facebook/LinkedIn/Instagram/Pinterest advertising, and email marketing. Once you're driving traffic, the goal is conversion, and we will run A/B testing and conversion rate optimisation for your website. You need to win sales, so we implement automated lead nurturing using automation tools like HubSpot, remarketing, and sales training to help convert leads into sales. It's all tracked and measurable, and most importantly, it works (read our case studies and reviews to learn more).

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