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HV Media Group
HV Media Group
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We’re an independent, strategic results-driven agency focused on delivering ROI for our clients based on their commercial objectives. Our beliefs are that all media should be goal-driven, measurable and 100% accountable to your business success. If you’re serious about growing your business get in touch.

We are a growing national brand, recognized as leading experts in CRO, SEM, SEO, SMM, and web design. As such, we eat, sleep, and live Digital Marketing and are your secret weapon for increasing your sales revenues.

We offer complete done for you services where we run and operate your entire digital marketing efforts for less than the cost of a full time person at your company.

If digital advertising were easy, anyone could do it. But it takes time, effort, practice, and hard work. It’s a full-time job. Many companies don’t have the hours to dedicate to it. As a business owner, it’s better to spend your time focusing on managing and growing your company. Leave the digital marketing to the experts.

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The main challenge that Taconic Dental was facing was they wanted to create brand awareness and wanted to reach out to the local community as soon as possible. They needed to resonate in the minds of the locals that Taconic Dental is the go-to Dental office.


We partnered with Taconic Dental to break the ice and find innovative ways of bringing the value of Taconic Dental in the Facebook platform. The “Come and Experience the Taconic Dental Difference” campaign was started and was a huge success.


Our main initiatives were met, creating brand awareness and generating leads across social and Google. - 100 of thousands of Video views - 500% ROI - 100’s of New Patients


Manhattan wanted to considerably expand their client numbers and open up in other locations. To do this we needed to create a brand awareness and lead generation campaign. The challenge was overcoming the strict Google and Facebook Ad restrictions when it comes to talking about ED.


We created a strategy to drive conversions by using specific landing pages for our targeted ads. This targeting powered an unexpectedly large number of leads from this previously untapped markets. We used a combination of Google Ads, Social Media Ads and comprehensive SEO plans.


The results were incredible. We increased brand awareness and generated hundreds of leads across social media, Google Ads and organic search. 1000’s of New Patients 100 of thousands of Impressions New locations opened in Long Island and New Jersey

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