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HODL X Media

HODL X Media

We help Startups to look & perform better online.

United Kingdom

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We have a combined 30 years experience working for and with £Billion companies - growing their social media, designing and managing advertising campaigns and building out their digital authority within specific niches.

We can help you design and build your brand, create strategic campaigns and manage your entire digital presence.

Working with HODL X will give you back the time you need to work on your business. We offer monthly reporting with a clear path to growth, automating your marketing efforts and creating tailored solutions based on the data.

We specialise in high-end design work, creating beautiful and engaging content optimised for your specific audience.

Our aim to increase your traffic, social impressions and eventual revenue with less time involved on your part, automating your customer / client acquisition process and streamlining your customer's journey.

We run ongoing testing to optimise for the best possible conversion rates, attracting organic visitors with the right intention, driving sales and helping to boost your bottom line.

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