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Ezer Commerce
Ezer Commerce
Integrated Marketing Solutions

United States

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Ezer Commerce leverages the digital needs of a business with three essential plans.

Web & Hosting | Response & Engage Suite | Inventory/Product Optimization

In addition to SEO advancements & web design & hosting options, Ezer provides industry-leading solutions for digital merchandising and streamlining business processes.

With intelligent Designs and Engaging Experiences for clients worldwide, Ezer Commerce is more than just a workplace or business solution utterly committed to fostering an atmosphere that is more than simply business; a positive, long-term partnership committed to your business' growth & success.

Our top services are Web Design & Hosting, building and hosting a fully customizable dynamic website, followed by The Engagement Response, which gathers intelligence about your company and customers. SEO & Data Analytics uplift your business according to SEO standards.

Additional services: Media Production Suite, where we partner with professional photographers & videographers to provide professional productions.

More Services: Logo Design, Email Marketing, SMM, Local SEO, Business Listing Management, Social Media Management, Improving your brand awareness, visual identity, presence, and customer rewards program. Mobile Application (IOS & Android) website integration.

Our Report & Analytics tools use monday.com's operating software that brings your business' data in a custom-designed dashboard with multiple scheduled reports and detailed intel that is then chopped into digestible charts and graphs through the help of our reporting staff.

You get to choose the best plan for your business with free analyses of your business, online presence, and brand health.

Do you have a custom project we might be able to help with? Please send us a message.

We are based in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

Contact us today for a free business evaluation.

  • $2,500 - 5,000
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  • Inglês
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  • Europe, the Middle East and Africa
  • United States
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