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Clicks daily is a data and technology company out of Las Vegas NV. Our founder started the company after working in the trade show and conventions industry as a producer. He found while sitting down and speaking to thousands of business owners, no matter if the company was a small company or a large organization, no matter if it was B2C or B2B, that if he sat them down and asked them about their business, they would be able to talk a day’s length about their businesses, but if he asked them “who are your customers" and "how do they find you" he was met with silence. After the company he worked for was purchased by another much larger tradeshow organization, he decided to take this time to leave and to help business owners answer those two questions. He started a data and technology company (now Clicks Daily) and after spending 24 months teaching himself how to program and code, he has developed two products that you’re about to see today. Thus, answering the two questions above, who are your customers are and how do they find you today.

Histórias de sucesso


The client was looking for ways to increase their market share in the online travel booking space. They needed a better way to increase their conversion rates and acquire more new customers than their current competitors.


Our CRO (conversion rate optimization) AI software combined with our identification and triple verification site visitor AI platform.


Our CRO AI software helped bring their onsite conversions up over 20% and combined with our identification and triple verification site visitor AI platform, we were able to grow their CRM by 9X in 90 days. Thus, helping them capture more market share and increase revenue in ninety days.

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