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Blotner Mass Media

Blotner Mass Media

We Speak Small Business

New Jersey, United States




We are a success driven marketing agency and consulting firm that 'speak' small business. We focus on generating highest ROI [Return on Investment] using the power of the latest digital marketing strategies. Our goal is to reach your highest return on Investment.

We focus on internet marketing advertising, and public relations. We have close to 20+ years of experience as a specialist in branding and online digital marketing. Consult with multiple nonprofits and for profit companies in growing their business utilizing numerous tools including social networking sites, customer testimonials, email marketing and mobile technologies. Manage marketing projects, develop marketing plans and integrate internet marketing tools with various software systems. We willact as a media planner, media buyer, and creative director while developing business websites and research market opportunities for promotions, and competitive analysis.

If you are looking to build your brand, increase sales, take on and surpass your competition, we hope you will consider Blotner Mass Media.

Histórias de sucesso


This retail client was in an extremely competitive search category. They purchased the business from someone but had to change the name of the business. This meant that they their online presence was weak. After hiring our firm, the main Keyword searches soared and landed on page 1 of Google.


We implemented a very effective SEO and social media Plan [90% Organic]. We continue monitoring their web site and update content with relevant keywords and articles on an ongoing regular basis.


#1 in Google Rankings for popular searches, resulting in overall increased sales & revenue.

  • $1,000 +
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