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Admoon Google Ads agency

Admoon Google Ads agency

Google Ads Official Partner

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates



Admoon; an International Google Ads partner in Dubai has started its activity since 2016 to Provide professional Ads Management services, Optimize and Tune-up PPC campaigns, Account Suspension Recovery and, Rent Ad agency accounts to businesses. with our agency accounts, don't worry about Suspicious payments, Not stable ads showing and Banned accounts anymore.

In Admoon Google Ads Agency, we have managed over 5,000 campaigns across various areas of Google. We take pride in being recognized as one of the largest and most professional partners of Google, providing daily management for over 250 user accounts while maintaining high standards of performance and client satisfaction. With a commitment to continuous improvement, our team at Admoon is dedicated to driving results and maximizing ROI. Admoon has been proud to manage clients internationally.

At Admoon, we're a dedicated team of digital marketing experts with over 8 years of experience, specializing in Google Ads. We pride ourselves on delivering data-driven strategies and exceptional service, helping businesses thrive in the digital landscape. Your success is our mission

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Baldano, an immigration services agency, aimed to expand its digital marketing strategy by utilizing Google Ads, adjusting campaigns to different regions, optimizing advertising budgets, and selecting precise keywords for better search engine visibility.


We implemented a comprehensive digital marketing plan, targeting clients' needs with Google Ads campaigns, tailoring campaigns to specific regions, managing budgets, and optimizing keywords for effective visibility and engagement.


Baldano's digital marketing was improved through strategies such as improved landing pages, using negative keywords to filter out irrelevant traffic, and creating compelling ad copy tailored to the audience, testing different versions to find the most effective messaging.


The client reported a history of ads being placed against Google's policies, resulting in a significant waste of budget. After checking the campaign, it was discovered that the ad copy was disapproved by Google, posing a high risk of account suspension.


The campaign was developed using accurate keyword research, Google's rules-compliant keywords, and ad text that effectively conveyed the message, while maintaining compatibility with the client's site and preventing unrelated searches and wasted money.


The client successfully executed a well-crafted campaign, reducing the risk of account suspension and saving up to 26% on marketing costs, ensuring high client satisfaction.


Upon reviewing previous campaigns, we identified weak landing pages and poorly selected keywords as primary issues, resulting in budget wastage and compromised campaign performance.


To address these challenges, our strategy revolved around developing trustworthy landing pages, selecting targeted keywords within the client's budget constraints, and crafting compelling ad copies with clear and persuasive calls to action.


The strategy was executed meticulously, resulting in a 36% increase in click-through rate and a 13% increase in ROI, leading to cost savings for the client and enhanced campaign effectiveness.

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